Killing it! Kelly Claes partners with MightySat® to make sure her spikes stay inbounds

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IRVINE (30 April 2018): AVP and FIVB beach volleyball player Kelly Claes was introduced to the Masimo MightySat by 2016 Team USA Olympians Lauren Fendrick and Brooke Sweat as a training and recovery tool around the time she turned pro last May. She uses the highly reliable, noninvasive technology daily in training, during recovery and in competition to measure oxygen saturation, pulse rate, respiration rate, perfusion index (strength of blood flow) and pleth variability index (a variation in perfusion index over breathing cycle). It also puts Claes’ mind at ease while helping her stay healthy during training and competition.

Beach volleyball pro and former heart patient using Masimo’s pulse oximeter to monitor her heart and conditioning.

Claes was fourteen when she was diagnosed and treated surgically for SVT (superventricular tachycardia), which made her heart race up to 250 beats per minute, making it difficult for her to breathe. Her heart history makes the accuracy of the MightySat that much more important and a partnership with Masimo a natural fit.

“During matches, when emotions run wild and my heart races, I can put the MightySat on my finger and it gives me peace of mind that the measurements I am seeing are accurate. By looking at the numbers, I get reassurance about where my heart rate is and whether it’s in my normal range. It’s comforting,” said the 22-year-old Claes, who calls the SVT that was detected in an ultrasound a “fluky thing.”

The 6’1” Placentia, Calif. native, who is working towards representing Team USA with her partner Brittany Hochevar at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, has officially partnered with MightySat, becoming the latest addition to an ever-growing roster of world champions, Olympians and professional athletes throughout the sporting world using the quick and easy-to-use portable device in their training toolbox. The data generated by the MightySat and collected by the Masimo Personal Health app can be used to help measure cardiovascular fitness, exertion levels and speed of recovery, the latter of which is made simple with the use of the Heart Rate Recovery calculator, an exclusive feature on the Masimo Personal Health app. The MightySat may detect changes in hydration, breathing, fatigue and stress levels as well as changes caused by altitude. Athletes and their coaches use the data to make informed decisions about training and recovery, thus know when they are ready to go all out, reduce training load or intensity, or take a rest day.

“MightySat gives me the data to know what my body needs and what is working for me in training. It lets me know when I need more recovery, more hydration or when I need to get to bed earlier,” said Claes, who capped her first professional season by winning an AVP Gold Series Championship in Chicago.

A two-time NCAA national champion while playing at the University of Southern California, Claes is presently gearing up for FIVB’s The Huntington Beach Open taking place in Southern California later this week (May 3-6).

Harnessing the best available technology to accurately and reliably measure and gather key data not available on other health and wellness devices, MightySat is for use by anyone wanting to improve their health, wellness or fitness. For more information, please visit


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