Masimo MightySat® monitoring the pulse of the Women’s Tennis Association

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IRVINE (18 June 2018): Avid tennis watchers have no doubt noticed Masimo’s prominent presence at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden during the prestigious BNP Paribas Open and seen the commercials featuring MightySat athlete ambassadors Coco Vandeweghe and Taylor Fritz. The relationship has taken the next step with the announcement that the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) has begun using the noninvasive, hospital-grade pulse oximeter as part of their mission to provide comprehensive care for the athletes on the women’s professional tennis circuit.

The WTA is now using the fingertip pulse oximeter to advance the health and performance of the athletes on the women’s professional tennis circuit.

The WTA’s Sport Science and Medicine (SS&M) team of primary health care providers (PHCP) will use MightySat at WTA tournament events to help support the general health, wellness and fitness of elite women’s tennis players. MightySat’s highly-reliable fingertip technology accurately measures oxygen saturation, pulse rate, respiration rate, perfusion index (strength of blood flow) and pleth variability index (a variation in perfusion index over breathing cycle) and displays it in real time on the device or on iOS and Android smartphones through the Masimo Personal Health app.

“We’re fortunate to have this new technology in the training room and on the court at the WTA. This equipment will aid our PHCPs in assessing player health and allow them to better service the immediate needs of our athletes,” said the WTA’s Kathleen Stroia, SVP SS&M and Transitions.

Used during training, recovery and in competition, MightySat instantly gathers data that enables athletes, coaches and primary health care providers to make informed decisions about training and recovery, thus knowing when the athlete is ready to go all out, reduce training load or intensity, or rest.

“We have been encouraged by the feedback we have received from elite athletes and trainers about how MightySat helps them improve their health and performance. For example, they use Masimo’s unique accuracy to decide on how hard to train,” said Masimo Founder and CEO Joe Kiani. “We are excited to work with the WTA to help them use Masimo’s breakthrough noninvasive technologies to make a meaningful difference in women’s tennis. We have long been big fans of the sport and are excited to help these peak-performing athletes reach even greater heights.”

One of those rising athletes is Vandeweghe, an American presently ranked No. 16 by the WTA. “The MightySat has helped with my recovery and in-match performances for the last few years. I’m lucky to have them as my partner and I know firsthand that the WTA gained an amazing partner in Masimo. I consider MightySat a crucial member of my team.”

Harnessing the best available technology to accurately measure and gather key data not available on other health and wellness devices, MightySat is intended for general wellness and health applications. World champions, Olympians, professional athletes and amateur weekend warriors throughout the sports world have made the MightySat part of their daily regimen. For more information, please visit

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