Slam dunk! Gary Harris takes MightySat above the rim

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IRVINE (7 March 2018): The Denver Nuggets’ shooting guard Gary Harris was introduced to the Masimo MightySat by the team’s strength coach, Steve Hess, during a workout last summer and was quick to recognize the benefits of using the pulse oximeter in his training and recovery protocol. On Wednesday night during ESPN’s telecast of the Nuggets vs. Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game, Harris takes his belief in the highly reliable, hospital-grade technology public when a television commercial premieres featuring the four-year NBA pro utilizing the device during an arduous training session with Hess.

The Denver Nuggets guard is featured in a national television commercial touting the pulse oximeter, which will debut Wednesday night during ESPN’s NBA broadcast.

Harris is the first NBA player to join the growing stable of world champions, Olympians and professional athletes across the sports spectrum who rely on the MightySat to instantly measure data that can help determine cardiovascular fitness and exertion levels, changes in blood circulation and how quickly the athlete is recovering. The MightySat may reveal changes in hydration, breathing effort, fatigue and stress as well as changes caused by altitude, the latter of which is a factor for an athlete like Harris who lives, trains and plays in the Mile-High City. Using MightySat takes the guesswork out of vital training and recovery decisions, helping athletes know when to go all out, reduce training load or intensity, or take a rest day.

In the thirty-second spot, Harris says, “All I need is one. One step. One drive. One shot. One device. Accurate when I need it most. At rest. During movement. And in recovery. MightySat.”

The 23-year-old, 6’4” hoopster who was a first-round draft pick in 2014 likes that MightySat is noninvasive, fast and as easy to use as simply clipping the device onto the tip of his finger first thing in the morning and before, during and after workouts and games.

“MightySat is very easy to use and a great tool for all levels of athletes. The accurate data from MightySat helps me to get the most of my workouts.”

MightySat measures oxygen saturation, pulse rate, respiration rate, perfusion index (strength of blood flow) and pleth variability index (a variation in perfusion index over breathing cycle). Equipped with Blue Tooth technology, it includes a Heart Rate Recovery calculator when paired with a smart phone and the Masimo Personal Health app. The app provides an enhanced visual and audio experience and enables the sharing of data with trainers and coaches as well as on social media.

Not just for elite athletes, MightySat is for anyone who wants to improve their health, wellness or fitness by using the best available technology that accurately and reliably provides key measurements not available on other health and wellness devices. For more information, please visit The thirty-second commercial featuring Harris can be viewed at

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